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We have helped over 300 clients get the most out of Salesforce


Testimonials Write-Up

Hugh Monney, British Alpine Ski School

"CAScloud has helped us to create a sophisticated custom application that leverages the functionality and horsepower of Salesforce. Our system integrates client enquiries, client allocations to resources, invoicing, receipting, staff work schedules, business reporting and more.
Importantly, we have implemented a simple drag and drop allocation process that drives all of the data for invoicing, receipting and staff schedules. It allows us to see the results at a glance.
The system has given us important strategic and tactical advantages while simplifying our administrative process enormously. The result is that we can focus on the value-added processes that help our clients, while the software does the heavy lifting.
CAScloud provided the results we needed at every stage of the development of this project while making the process a pleasure."

Gary Kershaw, South African Airways

"CASCloud have allowed us to use data and technology through to drive maximum commercial effectiveness – I’d recommend them to anyone that wants to implement effectively from both an implementation and cost perspective."

The Edge Picture Company

"CAScloud took time to understand our business and the way we worked, which has resulted in a database customised to our needs that works perfectly. Salesforce is a real step up from our previous system and the training for staff was vital to get decent ROI. Without their help it would have taken us months to achieve what we managed in a few weeks ."

Flen Health

"This was the third project we have run with CASCloud and we are absolutely extremely happy to have them assist us. Perfect communication, fair pricing, fabulous delivery time... It makes me happy to work with such honest people"

Burlington Media Group (Publishing)

"We are a small B2B publisher that invested in Salesforce (Enterprise version) back in 2011. With hindsight, the key to our success with Salesforce has been the invaluable contribution from CAScloud in guiding us in the early days on best practice, uncomplicating the complicated when it comes to workflows, helping establish sensible policies and operating procedures for us all to follow.  Having a responsive consultant who knows our business and understands what we're trying to achieve is also invaluable. The highest accolade I can give is that I've referred CAScloud on to several clients I've found out use Salesforce, and am happy to continue doing so."

Advantage Catering Equipment

"We have been using the services of CAScloud and Sam in particular now for nearly 3 years.  They have developed our vanilla Salesforce installation into a highly customised piece of software that interacts with our ecommerce website, our accounts package and our mobile workforce.  Excellent professional service which we plan to continue using for the foreseeable future."

Utilities Customer

"Since the company had never really taken to CRM previously, we were looking for a Salesforce partner who could help with both the mundane of getting us up and running in a cost effective way, as well as the more complex, in terms of some of the capabilities the business were expecting the tool to be able to deliver.  Kirk was an excellent interface for us: his experience as a personal user of the system, as well as his understanding of our position gave us confidence in his proposed route & plan for our project.
My company, like many others, has a policy of vetting suppliers prior to accepting them to the preferred supplier list. There was no question for us once we'd worked with Kirk and CAScloud during that 'trial period':  they are a good match for us. Professional, available, supportive,  we're looking forward to building the relationship through Kirk for the next project phases."