Do you wish that Salesforce could prompt you to follow up a lead?  Or remind you that a big deal is about to close? If you are an Enterprise customer, the good news is that you have a feature called workflow which allows you do this and more.  It's a fantastic feature that makes Salesforce work hard for you.

Workflow Examples

You analyse your sales pipeline and see that you get to the quote stage and then sits at "Negotiate" for a while, you could shorten your sales cycle by prompting the Opportunity Owner (Sales person) to call the customer to follow up 5 days after the quote was sent.

You may want to notify your finance team by email when a new account is created, or a sale has been closed-won.  In the email you could give details about the account address and primary contact.

Designing the workflow

Workflows don't require code, so they are quick to set up.  Think about the criteria or rules that will trigger the workflow, and then what you want to happen, these will be the workflow actions.

Immediate Actions

Taking the finance notification example.  As soon as the account is created, you want to notify finance: 

  • The Workflow Rule:  When Account is created 
  • The Workflow Action: Email with details of the new Account.

Delayed Actions

You can also set up actions that will happen based on a time-based triggers.  When an Opportunity is created, you could have a reminder 5 days before the close date.  

  • The Workflow Rule: When Opportunity is created
  • The Time Based Workflow Action: 5 days before close date, email Opportunity Owner and set a task to call. 

The nice thing about time based workflow is that once it's set up, if the close date changes, the email will still arrive 5 days before the new close date.  Also if you close the Opportunity before the close date, the reminder get's cancelled so you only receive relevant emails.  

Salesforce Automation in an hour.

We can set up some workflows for you, or train you how to create them yourself.  Please contact us today on and let's automate Salesforce!